by K. Easterday

As I pulled in to Diamonds Pub and Concert Hall, it becoming completely obvious that Kentucky metal heads are not afraid of two things: Tornadoes and COVID-19. Not only was the looming pandemic keeping most at home, right as the doors were set to open, Louisville was under a tornado warning. Alas, there was a line of black shirts standing in the rain ready for a show. As we shuffled inside -and shaking the rain off- the stress of the outside world seemed to fade away.


Hats off to Terry Harper Presents and Diamonds for booking a trifecta of locals bands to open up for August Burns Red. Louisville is known for three things: Horse Racing, Bourbon, and kick ass metal bands. These three weren’t just time fillers. They were face melting, head banging, Kentucky-grown entertainment.


First up was Isolator. Coming out on stage the lead singer looked like a perfect mix of Jesus and Cousin It. His long hair banging rhythmically with every breakdown. This was my first time seeing Isolator. I often found myself pausing between photos just to watch their incredible performance. The singer stayed involved with the crowd and made sure to inform us they are heading to the studio to record their first full length.


Second to hit the stage was the five piece, Flip the Switch. At first glance, they appeared to be a group of good friends ready for a jam session. After the first song goes into full swing the whole crowd starts jamming and moshing. Mid way the singer announced he is new with the band and to expect a new EP very soon. By the end of the set jaws had to be picked up off the floor.


FALL was the final piece to the trifecta of local bands. This was my second time seeing them and I was just as blow away as the first time. These guys take the stage and demand your attention from the very first note. By now the crowd was fully immersed into the show and ready to mosh the night away. FALL’s singer announces a new EP entitled “Messiahs” that is due to drop this summer. Messiahs will feature a remastered version of “The Dying Season on a 12” vinyl that was produced through Patient Zero Records. All three bands absolutely owned their sets. Keep an eye on these three; you will see them go far.


When I thought the energy in the room couldn’t get higher, it was finally time for August Burns Red to take stage. The crowd exploded as the flame behind the drum kit took light. One by one the band ran onto the stage kicking off the final chapter of the night with their hit “King of Sorrow”.  Following Composure and Empire, lead singer Jake Luhrs greets the fans. From the very moment he took stage, his charismatic energy and love for his work becomes completely evident. Jake asks the fans if they are ready for a long night of ABR. I knelt down for a shot of guitarist JB Brubaker but was unable to due to the floor literally bouncing from crowd. This amazing energy was constant throughout the entire night. JB and Brent Rambler often joining each other side by side to show off their impressive shredding skills. Often Luke and drummer Matt Greiner could be seen joking with each other. Meanwhile bassist Dustin Davidson made his way around the stage interacting with everyone. Watching JB sing was a whole other experience. His way of telling each songs story through motions and expressions was enchanting. The crowd never took their eyes off the stage. It was so refreshing to watch a crowd interact and be a part of the show; as opposed to watching it through their phone screen.



Louisville was lucky to get a two hour face melting set from metalcore masters August Burns Red. At the time ABD was on a massive tour with Light the Torch and Killswitch Engage. Again, another shout out to Terry Harper for snagging them on an off date and producing a killer show. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak the tour with KSE was postponed the following day. Please keep an eye on the bands’ socials for further updates on when it will be rescheduled. Don’t sell or trade in your tickets. I promise you seeing August Burns Red after a global pandemic is just what the doctor ordered. Metalcore, Moshing, and head banging cures all!


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