Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater joins the show this week to discuss Dream Theater’s ongoing tour. Dream Theater are currently out supporting “Distance Over Time”. The album is available now. Dream Theater is also playing their classic “Metropolis Part 2” in it’s entirety on these shows. Jordan tells us about the struggles of recreating some of the sounds used on the early records, his time in the studio with David Bowie and Jordan’s upcoming solo album.

Doug Smith of Dirtbag Clothing, Scorpion Percussion and his band QUOR guest hosts this week and tells us all about the making of drum sticks, touring Japan and has a special giveaway at the end of the episode.

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Shaun Glass of Repentance joins the podcast this week. Shaun and I discuss all things Repentance, Broken Hope, SOiL and Dirge Within. Shaun is a great candid guest with lots of stories about his history in music.

I start out this episode with my reviews of the recent Jim Breuer, Metallica and Kiss shows I attended. I also play tracks from those bands throughout.

Robb Rivera of Nonpoint gives us his weekly Pick From The Kit

Listen to “Ep. 201 Shaun Glass (Repentance, Ex-SOiL)” on Spreaker.

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