Cody Perez of Amerakin Overdose joins the podcast this week. The outspoken and controversial vocalist talks about the latest news with AOD and their latest album. He lets us know how the collaboration with Waylon Revis came together. Cody and I also discuss the struggle for up and coming bands and how we hate the system of clubs taking cuts of the merch. Cody lets us know if he still has issues with 36 Crazyfists drummer Kyle Baltus (hint….he doesn’t). Cody also tells a story about seeing Primer 55 when he was teenager.

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Eyal Levi of joins the podcast this week. Eyal was also in the band Daath. We talk about the pipeline from Daath to Chimaira that seemed to take place. Eyal also tells us about his teaching platform Nail the Mix. You cannot go wrong giving this episode a listen. Eyal gives you a behind the scenes look at what goes on with your favorite recordings.

We also have a voicemail from Loose Cannon of Cobras and Fire Podcast

Cover of the Week is from The Melvins doing Kiss’ “Going Blind

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Clutch came through on Mother’s Day weekend and showed Louisville who’s their daddy. Neil Fallon and company played to a near sold out crowd at The Louisville Palace. The beauty of the venue was not lost on Fallon as he made multiple comments about the room and how he needed to stay focused on the rock. The venue, the band and the fans melded into one religious experience.


The set was a journey through their 25 plus year career. Opening with “Gravel Road”, a few songs later “A Quick Death in Texas” and they even played a new one for the first time called “2 Fives“.

Clutch has never been one for stage theatrics. They get everything across with just the guitars of Tim Sult, the bass of Dan Maines, the drums of J.P. Gaster and the monster vocals of Fallon. Clutch delivers on a level that most bands can only dream. No latops, no fire, no nonsense, just pure rock fury.

This tour with Lucero and The Sword runs through May 20th. Clutch will then team up with Primus from July 17th through August 18th.


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