Bobby Gustafson (Satan’s Taint): “I Challenged [Zoltan Bathory] On Twitter”

by Steve Savage

Joining Talk Toomey Live on Uncontrolled Noize for a bonus interview this week is veteran metal guitarist, Bobby Gustafson. In addition to being well-known for his time with the iconic thrash legends, Overkill, he has played with Cycle Sluts From Hell, Skrew, Grip Inc., and currently, Satan’s Taint – which Gustafson founded in 2014. During the interview, Gustafson discusses how he came up with the attention-grabbing band name, Satan’s Taint, that he says is “definitely getting some miles on the internet,” and how he challenged Zoltan Bathory (Five Finger Death Punch) for worst band name. “I knew I needed something that people weren’t gonna forget… It’s just kind of an inside joke of something that happened at work with me and my buddies.” He continues, “It’s one of those things where you hear something and it’s like, oh, that would be a great band’s name.”

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Gustafson, who had once been offered by Dave Mustaine to join Megadeth, explains why he declined the offer and what he thinks of the decision today. Cycle Sluts From Hell saw popularity with their music video, “I Wish You Were a Beer,” which received regular airplay on MTV and was even featured on Beavis and Butthead. Gustafson shares what it was like to record and play with the female-fronted metal band in the early nineties.

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