I recently ran into Eddie Trunk at a festival and we talked about the great Ronnie James Dio. When asked for a story, Eddie told me about his time with Ronnie at a castle in Birmingham, England. Click player above to hear the entire chat.

“When he first reunited with Sabbath for Heaven and Hell which was ’06. I went to England to shoot a TV special with him for VH1 classic. We arrived at the hotel at the same time.

Anybody that knows traveling to England, because of the time difference, the best thing you thing you can do is not go to sleep when you get there. Even if it is in the middle of the day. Even though you are dead tired. You need to try to adjust to the time difference.

I arrived at hotel at the same time as Ronnie and I was dead, dead tired. I was walking in, checking in right at the same time as him and it was like noon. I didn’t even see him coming up behind me and he yelled down the hall. He used to always call me “kid”. “Where you going kid, where you going?”. I go ‘Ronnie I gotta sleep for a couple hours’. He was like ‘no way, no way… you meet me at the pub and we are going to have some drinks, you gotta stay up’. Who’s going to say no to Ronnie? I said ‘o.k. I’ll see you for one’. We must have stayed down there for eight hours and drank and ate and shared stories. Had the time of our lives. It was in an old castle in Birmingham, where we were staying. It’s one of my fondest memories.

I’m a big fan of the band U.F.O. and they were playing there that night. He was busting my balls about not making it to go see them because I couldn’t get there. What people may not know about Ronnie was he was an incredible ball buster.”

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Official Statement from Dave:

This Thursday, Oct 5, from 7-9 PM, at Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas, we will be holding an Ellefson Coffee Co coffee tasting, fundraiser, and meet and greet to support victims of the terrible events in Las Vegas this weekend.

We will also be auctioning off one of my signature Jackson Guitars – Official! basses, and more! And until Friday, a portion of proceeds from all sales on empmerch.com and ellefsoncoffeeco.com will also go to a charity to support victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Thank you all for your support, and see you in Vegas!

If you are in the area, stop by and show your support. The concert experience should never end in death for anyone. Dave and the Ellefson Coffee Co should be commended for this event.

Listen to Dave Ellefson on Talk Toomey discussing his Ellefson Coffee Co coffee by clicking the player above.


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Truly ending the silence, Skinlab are hinting at new music. From their official Facebook page, they posted what looks to be a title of a new song. I would say it’s a new song due to the fact that Steev Esquivel was recently interviewed on the podcast and stated that the new album would be a “one word title”. You can hear that chat by clicking the link above. We can only hope that this is truly the beginning of a new era of Skinlab and that there are many more songs in the works.



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