Mark Slaughter joins the podcast for the monumental 100th episode. Mark tells us about his new solo album “Halfway There” that is due out on May 26th. We talk about the mystery that is Vinnie Vincent. Mark talks about the difference between a Slaughter album and a Mark Slaughter solo album. He discusses his relationship with David Ellefson and the EMP Label Group. Mark also talks about living in Nashville and how much the city has changed in the last 20 years.

In celebration of the 100th episode, I asked for listener voice mails. There are comments, questions and requests. Music from Spineshank, Ill Nino, 12v Negative Earth and more.

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Wednesday 13 joins the show this week. We discuss his new album “Condolences” and the new direction of the band. Wednesday talks about playing in bands in the early 90s and what he thought about Marilyn Manson when he came out. the Murderdolls are brought up and he talks about Joey Jordison getting back behind the kit. We also get super nerdy and talk about collecting toys. He is a huge collector of 80s toys such as MOTU, G.I. Joe and more.


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I sat down with Robb Rivera recently at their show here in Louisville. Robb and I talked about the coincidental tragedies that seem to follow nonpoint. We talk about collecting vinyl and some of his recent finds. Robb talks about his love of thrash. We also talk about life, kids and more.

I say a few words about the untimely passing of Matt Holt.

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On this bonus clip, I sat down with Doyle at his show in Louisville. We talked about the Misfits, his new album “Doyle 2”, his upcoming movie roles and more.

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