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When asked about bands such as Metallica covering Misfits songs throughout the 80’s, Doyle had this to say:

“I think Cliff Burton had a lot to do with the popularity of the band, and so did Danzig. He was huge there for a while. And you know, stayed on top, where he’s at. Those guys wearing all those shirts got people lookin’ at it. It’s funny, those guys grew up inspired by things I did, in the Misfits, and now I’m writing things inspired by what they’re doing in their bands. It’s like a fucking circle jerk.”

On his relationship with David Ellefson:

“I’ve known Dave for like 20 years, easily. We toured with them (Megadeth) and kept in contact. I had seen him at Metal Allegiance. I did a show with Alissa and he was there. He started telling me about it (EMP LABEL GROUP) and I gave him Abominator. He started calling and saying ‘I want you guys’ and we were like ‘OK cool’.”

Doyle II: As We Die”, due on May 5 via EMP Label Group in conjunction with Doyle’s own Monsterman Records pre-order here



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