Brandon Kellum (American Standards) – Vocals

Erik Hall (Shoot The Shred Podcast) – Guitars

Trav Turner (As The Story Grows Podcast) – Drums

Joshua Toomey (Talk Toomey Podcast/ex-Primer 55) – Bass



Louisville, KY – There’s no shortage of podcasts out there, and all think they have something to say. Of them all, few are willing to back their talk with performance aside from their opinion spewing. Podtera breaks the mold.

Podtera, a new band that combines musical talent with a unique ability to talk about it, was recently formed and is ready to showcase that their collective efforts can be far more than the sum of their various chatter in the podcasting community.

“We just wanted to do something different to promote our podcasts,” says Talk Toomey and former Primer 55 bassist Joshua Toomey. “We all talk about a lot of bands, but sometimes it’s just cool to record something ourselves.”

That idea has produced immediate results. The band has completed their first song, a cover of the Deftones’ song “Elite”. From first listen, you feel that this band has significant chops and the ability to be far more than a side project.

““Elite” is a song that we all dug,” Toomey recalls. “What made it cool was how quickly we came together to record it.”

Hearing the song, it’s clear that Toomey is right. Vocalist Brandon Kellum has a guttural voice that would curdle Satan’s blood, while guitarist Erik Hall has decidedly sharp guitar chops. The sound is fleshed out by the thick bottom end provided by drummer Trav Turner and the aforementioned Toomey. According to the Talk Toomey host, this recording has opened to the door to more music.

“We are going to do more,” he admits. “We will certainly talk about what we are doing on our podcasts and share the music there first. Overall, it’s a project that’s going to almost self promote itself by being an fun extension of Talk Toomey, Shoot The Shed and As The Story Grows. It’s different, but different is always good.”

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