If we could travel back to the year 1997 we could attend so many great concerts. One concert that took place in 1997 was the great Pantera and a band that had just released their landmark self titled album, Clutch. Recently on the Talk Toomey podcast, JP Gaster was asked about that tour:

JPG: “Pantera at that time was nothing like I’d ever seen before. I watched every single show and the power that that band was able to put on stage I think was pretty mind blowing. The guys in the band were all great dudes. Very, they were humbled, and happy to have us on tour. Very, very friendly towards us. And those shows that we played with were some of the biggest shows we’ve ever played up to that point. I think probably the one show that really stands out for me the most was when we played in Brownsville, Texas, which is almost on the on the Mexican line super far south and Texas. We’ve never played that far south ever again since then. And the crowd there was just absolutely on fire…That might have been sort of the peak of the band when they had their catalogue going for them. They had the stage show was totally happening. And those guys were just absolutely on fire. And so I just have good fond memories of that tour. And, man, I would love to do something like that again one day, of course, that’s not gonna happen, but, but, uh, man, it was it was a beautiful tour, and we’re very happy to be a part of it.”

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