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Bonus: Billy Grey (Fozzy, Cyberstar) Returns

Posted by Joshua Toomey   on May 14, 2017
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  Quick chat with Fozzy guitarist Billy Grey. We talk about the new Fozzy single, their current tour and plans for the remainder of the year. Billy also talks about the Cyberstar single “Floods”. Music on this bonus clip from Fozzy and Cyberstar. Please follow and like us:Read More

Review: Hell or Highwater “Vista”

Posted by Joshua Toomey   on May 14, 2017
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by Jonathan Beatty 5/14/17 The amount of drummers who have started their own bands and become the front man can be counted on one hand; Don Henley of the Eagles, Phil Collins of Genesis and the most notably, Dave Grohl. With Hell or Highwater Brandon Saller, drummer and singer for metalcore legends Atreyu, trades his drumsticks for a microphone.  While the transition has been  pretty seamless compared to some of his contemporaries given that Brandon has been featured pretty prominently over the Atreyu’s expansive discography. While Hell or Highwater may surprise some of Saller’s longtime fans, there’s still plenty ofRead More

Ep. 100 Mark Slaughter

Posted by Joshua Toomey   on May 9, 2017
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Mark Slaughter joins the podcast for the monumental 100th episode. Mark tells us about his new solo album “Halfway There” that is due out on May 26th. We talk about the mystery that is Vinnie Vincent. Mark talks about the difference between a Slaughter album and a Mark Slaughter solo album. He discusses his relationship with David Ellefson and the EMP Label Group. Mark also talks about living in Nashville and how much the city has changed in the last 20 years. In celebration of the 100th episode, I asked for listener voice mails. There are comments, questions and requests.Read More

Introducing PODTERA

Posted by Joshua Toomey   on May 6, 2017
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    Brandon Kellum (American Standards) – Vocals Erik Hall (Shoot The Shred Podcast) – Guitars Trav Turner (As The Story Grows Podcast) – Drums Joshua Toomey (Talk Toomey Podcast/ex-Primer 55) – Bass STRONGER THAN ALL…AND MORE THAN READY TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT INTRODUCING PODTERA!! Louisville, KY – There’s no shortage of podcasts out there, and all think they have something to say. Of them all, few are willing to back their talk with performance aside from their opinion spewing. Podtera breaks the mold. Podtera, a new band that combines musical talent with a unique ability to talk aboutRead More

Ep. 99 Wednesday 13

Posted by Joshua Toomey   on May 3, 2017
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  Wednesday 13 joins the show this week. We discuss his new album “Condolences” and the new direction of the band. Wednesday talks about playing in bands in the early 90s and what he thought about Marilyn Manson when he came out. the Murderdolls are brought up and he talks about Joey Jordison getting back behind the kit. We also get super nerdy and talk about collecting toys. He is a huge collector of 80s toys such as MOTU, G.I. Joe and more.   Please follow and like us:Read More