Toby Wright recently joined the Talk Toomey Podcast and the classic album …And Justice For All was discussed. Click player above for the audio.

On the missing bass on …And Justice for All:

“Here’s the real story: The bass was recorded by me and Jason Newsted, in all of its glory. At the time, the theology in the room between Lars (Ulrich) and James (Hetfield) was that if you can hear the bass it’s 2dB too loud. So when it moved over to Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero mixing it, they brought that same theology with them. No matter how hard Steve and Michael tried to fight them on that’s not right, that’s not right, they still insisted that’s what they wanted so that’s what the world got.”

On the …And Justice for Jason YouTube videos:

“Jason played a lot better than those mixes that are out there. There are some amazing riffs, there are some really finite definitive moments that happened on that record that you really can’t hear because it was buried.”

On the 30th anniversary possibilities of a remix/ remaster of …And Justice For All:

“I’d like to remix it and I’ll show you exactly what was laid down on tape and then the world will be stunned, I think. Keep in mind I would love to remix it, Lars. If you are hearing me, I would love to remix it. I think it would be a bit more powerful. Fill out some of that tonality that’s missing from it. If you listen to the Black [Album] which was done a year and half, two years later under Bob Rock, that’s a full band. I don’t know if anybody fought him on all that kind of stuff, because I wasn’t in the room, but you never know. And it turned out how it turned out and 20 million records later. There was some success there.”



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